Monday, June 9, 2014

That Pink Lipstick!!!

That Bright Pink Lipstick!!

When is that pink lipstick appropriate? well the technical answer is not for work in most cases. Some work places are liberal and you can wear whatever;however, depending on the position you hold and meetings that you plan to attend, you do not want to wear that pink lipstick. 

The worst place to wear that bright pink lipstick is to an interview. Here is why I am talking about that bright pink lipstick. I too love that lipstick, but it is very distracting and can be sexually alluring to men.When I use to wear that particular color lipstick to work, a lot of women would compliment me (which is a positive thing) and it means that it is really outstanding and men will struggle to say "that's a nice color" (they are extremely uncomfortable because I am the HR Director), but the point is, that pink lipstick pulls attention to you even if you do not want it.

On a regular day, wearing that pink lipstick it is fine(providing you dont mind the attention), but if you are a manager in a meeting or an interviewee on an interview, you want the people in the room to pay attention to the substance that is coming out of your mouth and not so much attention to the shape or color of your lips.

So for interviews or meetings, use lip gloss or very light color lipstick, you would be surprised at how much better people will focus.
I cant tell you how many times, i am interviewing a candidate and my eyes are on their lipstick because it is distracting. Since I have noticed how distracting it is to me, I too have stopped wearing that pink lipstick to work.

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