Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Eight Reasons for You NOT Getting Hired: And It Is Your Entire Fault!!

Written by Debbie A. Duran
November, 10th, 2010

You, as a job seeker, have and continue to be denied hiring possibilities, when others are hired. Consequently, you are living in unemployment and you may say to yourself, “The interview went well, so what happened”? Chances are you will not be hired, even when you are the best qualified for a job, well prepared for an interview, or when the job is your passion, but why? There are several simple reasons for this. Most of these reasons can be found below. Some of these situations occurred over the years with several job applicants I have encountered:

1. If you are given an application to complete, please do so completely, and do not write “Please see resume”. Most recruiters will not “see” your resume. If they “see“it, it might be seen in the garbage can. A job application asks for more detailed information that is not located on the resume. You are clearly demonstrating that you are unable to follow instructions.

2. Having no clue what the company does, or not quite understanding what the position is about. Come on people,if you are just there because you need a paycheck, that is your business. However, if you want to wow the interviewer, please do some research about the kind of company they are, and be knowledgeable about the job. I mean, you simply cannot tell the interviewer that you have no idea what the company does; because clearly, you would be demonstrating a lack of commitment.

3. Being unable to answer where you see yourself in five years. The truth is you might be seeing yourself sitting in Montego Bay, Jamaica, on the White Sand Beach doing nothing but sipping on Pina Colada and getting high. But for case and purpose, you need to have an ambitious goal relevant to the job, ready for that interviewer.

4. Ok, I get it, you maybe from the streets, and you like your Ebonics and slangs and because of technology, you text your life away using words like urs and thru. People, they are not considered proper English. If you speak in Ebonics or use slangs on a regular, you may need to practice speaking to yourself in da… oops I meant the mirror.

5. Not having any questions for interviewer. You are clearly demonstrating that you are not interested in job. How can you not have even one question for the interviewer?

6. Hygiene. Brush your teeth and take a bath for goodness sake. It is that simple. Even if it is the one time for that week or month that you do it. Oh, when you take a bath, please use some deodorant. Interviewers do not care how fabulous or how intelligent you are if you are stinking during an interview. First impressions always last. I can also assure you that you will be the talk of the office after you leave, and not in a positive way.

7. Unless you had a car accident or something of that magnitude, being late is never acceptable. It is almost as if you will be written off in a bias way in the interviewer’s mind before you even open your mouth.

8. Ok, so you were a shining star: you were very intelligent and impressive in your delivery, you dressed exceptionally well, your references sold high praises about you, and now you are the favorite candidate. The interviewer goes to call you and; your phone number is wrong, or your cell phone service is cut off, your email is not correctly spelled so the interviewer’s email to you keeps coming back. Simple things like these can prevent you from scoring your dream job.

As a Job candidate, you may prepare yourself for all the right things you should say in an interview, however, it is not just what you say, it is how you say it and how you looked saying it. You should prepare not just your resume, but also the overall you, when attending an interview. You are been judged the moment the interviewer lay eyes on you. If things are bad financially for you, go to a thrift store and purchase a second hand suit that you will use for every interview you attend.
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